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Nutrition                                                                                           Foods that have no known decay levels will include fish, poultry and meat along with fats and oils. Foods that can actually prevent decay will include cheeses and nuts.                                                                               The higher the carbohydrate content the higher the potential for decay, foods such as cakes, crisps, biscuits, ice cream, dried fruits and white bread should all be limited. Fizzy drinks, fruit juices and some canned fruit are potential contributors towards tooth decay. Fast foods, which are loved by children and teenagers, are also potential risks towards tooth decay and obesity and should be limited.

Oral Hygiene

  • Teeth should be brushed 2 times daily for approximately 2 minutes each time, brush in the morning and especially before bedtime

  • Always use a soft bristled toothbrush

  • Encourage children to brush their own teeth, but parents should assist with and supervise brushing until a child is 7 or 8 years of age, as children often lack the manual dexterity required to do a thorough job.

  • Toothpaste with fluoride should be used and only a very tiny amount. Have your child spit the excess toothpaste out.

  • Please supervise your child to ensure proper brushing and safety.

  • Once all primary (baby) teeth have erupted a child's teeth should be flossed once daily.

  • Spit don't rinse.

CrossFit Kids

"Children are our most valuable natural resource."



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